Top 10 Tips to Get Great Health Insurance

The health insurance Australia can offer is vast. There are an array of providers offering different services. Some of these differences are slight, but they are vital in getting the service you want. Australian health insurance is different in each state, too. When looking to compare health insurance, you need to consider many factors as it is a challenging market to get to grips with. This article offers 5 top tips in getting the best health insurance. These tips touch on research methods and the best approach to take to compare health funds. The best health funds are found with a bit of digging; one customer’s hole in the ground is another’s goldmine.

1. What kind of Australian health insurance do you want?

This is a consideration you need to have before even googling the best health insurance Australia has to offer. Your situation is the most important thing in determining which health insurance provider you need. For example, if you are only looking for a health insurance package which concerns you, then you want to find the best health insurance for singles. If you have a partner, then you need to consider him or her in the package too, again influencing your decision. Obviously, another popular package is the family option, which those people would see as the best health funds for them. If you need this option, then you need to keep an eye out for the providers who supply a family package. Once you have decided on the type of health insurance you want, you can take the next step in the purchasing process.

2. Get online and get comparing Australian providers

Now you have chosen what type of health insurance you require, you need to get searching online to discover which health funds would be best for you. Compare health insurance online with not only the standard Google search, but with a tool capable of pulling up all the results across the board, matching them to your needs. A reliable tool used by many people wanting to compare health funds is Compare The Market health insurance, which is very easy to use and provides links to all the corresponding companies.

As a starting point, do not Compare health insurance Australia has as a whole. Different Australian states offer different health insurance rates and services, and provide varying caveats which may not be relevant to your state. One way to filter the out of state health insurance providers when you do compare, would be to list private health insurance Australia wide companies. Once this has been done, cancel out any which are not in the state relevant to you. If you are from Victoria, refine your search geographically to Victoria-only providers. Try to personalise your search with the specific details and deal clinchers you are looking for. Perhaps the best feature of your health fund is having a regular doctor, or access to multiple hospitals, or even health insurance no waiting period hospitals. Either way, do be sure to add this into your search, and it will filter out any providers which do not cater to your specific needs.

3. Call the providers to speak to a person

Once you have filtered out the providers which just don’t do it for you, you will have in front of you a shortlist which you feel will match your specific needs. The next step will be to explore each provider’s website. Get a feel for what they provide among more intricate details, such as who their shareholders are, or whether they are for profit or not for profit. Once you have had a browse around and are still happy with their service, it’s time to speak to a real person to confirm that this health insurance provider is in fact the best. Have your important questions ready and ask the same questions to each provider. Some of the questions you have might be around contract clauses, asking whether you can break contract at any point, for example. Or perhaps you want to know how available the service is. Can you make a claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere in Australia, for example? There are many questions to ask around health insurance, and be sure to ask them with every different provider, so you can match their answers against each other.

4. Check for the best private health insurance Australia reviews

A great way to look further into the quality of service by a health insurance provider is to check out the reviews online and compare them with each other. The best way to find good or bad customer service is to ask the customers. There are many online review forums, which provide impartial, unbiased views on a company. Naturally, the bigger providers will have the more reviews as they will have more customers. Look for Bupa health insurance review, AHM health insurance review, or Frank health insurance review. Peoplecare health insurance is a big provider too, so will have an array of feedback from both happy and frustrated customers. There are other large providers, such as Medibank health cover and NRMA health insurance, iselect health insurance, and HCF health insurance for you to research too. With this many providers, you may feel that all you do is compare health fund with health fund. It can be arduous to trawl through every review just to find certain conversations you are looking for which affect you too.

One of the biggest providers in Australia, Bupa, will have many reviews on different areas of its wider portfolio in health insurance. Naturally, you are looking for the health insurance Bupa provides that appeals to you. Filter these reviews and comments to match what small detail makes or breaks your opinion of these health funds. This way, you can compare reviews only with the information relevant to you. A Bupa health insurance claim may be what you are looking to find feedback on, or perhaps information on the Bupa health insurance login system. If it is clunky and difficult to manage, the user experience is lost, potentially putting you off as a prospective member.

The other way to get further insight is to look at each provider’s form over the previous year. The private health insurance report card 2016 gives you the opportunity to check each provider’s results in the past year to check on whether the health insurance they provide is in fact the best. Are they on their way up or on their way down? This knowledge could help you make your decision.

5. Make your choice, then make the purchase!

You have made a private health insurance comparison online on a reputable comparison site, gathered a shortlist, explored their websites, called them up to have a conversation with an adviser, and checked the online reviews. By now, you have surely made your choice of health funds to take to the final stages, with little more need to compare. The next step is to purchase the plan you are now happy with. However, you are not over the line yet. Now is a good time to thoroughly read your contract, ensuring, even at this late stage, that you are happy with the contract you are signing, and if all in line, sign away!